Computational Design: NEXT 10

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Computational Design: NEXT 10

Time: Saturday and Sunday, July 16-17, 2022
Day 1 Starts: July 16, 12:00 GMT
Day 1 Ends: July 16, 20:30 GMT
Day 2 Starts: July 17, 12:00 GMT
Day 2 Ends: July 17, 20:30 GMT
Where: Zoom, hosted by PA
Duration: Two Days Conference
Total Hours: 18 Hours
Format: Online
Hosts: Hamid Hassanzadeh, and Michael Pryor
Collaborators: ParametricArchitecture and DesignMorphine
Early-bird Registration: €56 (Till 23:59 GMT, May 31, 2022)
General Registration: €69 (Till 23:59 GMT, July 15, 2022)

“Skip Forward to the Future of Design”

Computational Design: NEXT


THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE: An online interactive conference with global frontiers. Two-day online conference with live presentations, tutorials, interactive Sessions, live mentorship & panel discussions. A collaborative initiative by ParametricArchitecture (PA) and DesignMorphine (DM). Computational Design: NEXT 10 brings together pioneers and professionals from all industries to meet and discuss new emerging technologies in art, architecture, design, and manufacturing.

Computational Design: NEXT is a joint effort by some of the world’s leading experts in computational design to create an online learning platform that will also serve as a full-fledged online conference. ParametricArchitecture (PA), one of the leading media platforms concentrating on computational design and its different subsets, will host the event, including conversations, dialogues, tutorials, and mentoring to a worldwide audience via thought-provoking and relevant speeches.

Following the success of CD Next 1-9, Computational Design: NEXT 10 takes another step forward in exploring new-age design technologies by worldwide technology champions. The conference will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 16-17, 2022 (Saturday and Sunday), and will include workshops, panel discussions, technology demos, and presentations.

Important Notes:

  • Details about the list of the guests will be published soon.
  • The entire conference will be recorded, and videos will be available for participants just a day after the conference.
  • A certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants of the conference.
  • We will send the Zoom link just a week before the conference starts.
  • You can make payments in cryptocurrencies. For more details, please email us at [email protected]
  • The event has a capacity of 400 people, and limited (100) spots are allocated for early-bird registrations.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please read before you register.
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Studio Workshops:
Learn more about parametric and computational design from the variety of the studio workshops at the PAACADEMY

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