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Towards a 3D-Printed Architecture

3D-printed architecture has recently lent support to architecture by offering the new creative potential of efficiently eliminating the time-consuming and labor-intensive model-making procedures, increasing the sense of discovery throughout the design process, and expanding the frequency and complexity of the iterative process digital models into the actual physical artifact. Workflows seem to be more simplified. Research, concept design, and detail studies can all happen simultaneously, resulting in improved communication both internally and outside now.



The 3D-printed Emotive Garment, HeartBeatDress

The 3D-printed Emotive Garment, 'HeartBeatDress,' has been released by Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion-tech designer, in partnership with a top crystal manufacturer.

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of creating and managing information in construction projects by virtual models.

Top 5 Robot Manufactured Projects in Architecture and Design

Today, robotic applications are being used in the realms of architecture, construction, and research presenting…

Exploring Architectural Technology With Computational Design: NEXT 9.0

Computational Design: NEXT 9.0, a two-day online conference including pioneering architects and designers, was held…

Architectural Follies, Merging The Morphology with Digital Materiality

The Architectural Follies workshop focused on the design of pavilions considering the concept of performance.

What is Concrete 3D Printing?

With the proliferation of 3D printing, the construction industry embraced 3D concrete printing technology to…

Karamba3D, The Parametric Structural Analysis Tool For Architects

The parametric design plugin of Karamba provides simulation approaches to predict a design object's performance in the real environment

Getting Started With Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D

Do you know how to get started with Rhino and Grasshopper 3D? Look no further. YouTube is your best friend in this field.


What is Concrete 3D Printing?

With the proliferation of 3D printing, the construction industry embraced 3D concrete printing technology to build projects.


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Peak, The Rejuvenating Resort By Studio Symbiosis

The Peak, designed by Studio Symbiosis, is a relaxing and rejuvenating resort, located in the tranquil nature of Rajasthan.

Villa G02 Signature Private Mansion, MASK Architects’ Artificial Island

Villa G02 signature private mansion is an Egyptian-inspired concept design that will be built on artificial offshore land.

Flower-Like Mesh Installations of Zhengzhou Metro by MASK Architects

Zhengzhou Metro line-7 station's interior was designed by MASK Architects in collaboration with Shenzhen-based Jiang & Associates Design (J&A)

The Baldacchino Of Chiesa Durita Woven by DeD Studio

The Baldacchino Of Chiesa Durita approached by DeD Studio aims to inscribe and restore the external and internal fabric of the church, retaining the original silhouette from…


Editor's Pick

Phoenix International Media Center by BIAD UFo

Text description provided by the architects. Phoenix International Media Center locates in the southwest corner of Chaoyang Park; the site area…

SOM Embarks To Reduce Carbon Footprint Using Stereoform Concrete Slab

Experiments give clarity and enthusiasm to configure futuristic ideas. SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) envisaged a pavilion with a curving…

The Liberland Metaverse, Zaha Hadid Architects’ Way Into The Web 3.0

The Liberland Metaverse is Zaha Hadid Architects' latest virtual project that includes hyper-realistic districts.

10 Noteworthy Works By Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel, described by the Pritzker Prize Jury as a man who pushes the field’s boundaries by challenging the preconceived…

Greenland Complex by Mehrdad Iravanian Architects

The geometric harmony in the façade of the exhibition building belonging to the Greenland Complex strikes the eye in the…

The Little Island: Blossoming Greenways Designed by Heatherwick Studio

Resembling tulips rising in varying height enthrals to capture magnificence and drama. Thomas Heatherwick’s Pier 55 park within New York’s…


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